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Kitchen Cabinet

We produce special kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, which is the area where you spend the most time in your home.

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Tile Flooring

Tile and ceramics change the atmosphere of the areas where they are applied. Tile furnishings operations should be done carefully.

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Water Installation

Plumbing repairs, hot water cold water plumbing processes are areas that require expertise. We are at your service with our professional teams.

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Electrical Installation

For your residential areas and your own safety, you should get electrical installation, maintenance and repair services from professionals.

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Roof Renovation

Roof renewal, roof repair, maintenance and repair both extend the life of your home, enhance its appearance and increase your comfort.

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Paint Whitewash

When paint and white washing is done by its experts, it ensures that your residential areas are renewed and have a more lively atmosphere.

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Shower cabin

Complementary shower cabinets, one of the important places of your dwellings, must be installed by expert teams.

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Laminate Flooring

Floor coverings such as parquet are elements that increase the comfort of your homes. You should choose quality products and have the flooring process done by experts.

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Glazing Balcony

With our professional glazing balcony services, we protect your residences and other living areas from unwanted dust, fly and rain.

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Suspended Ceiling

We recommend using suspended ceiling systems to make your ceilings more modern and healthier.

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PVC Joinery

You can take advantage of our high quality and long-lasting PVC Joinery services guaranteed for sound and heat insulation of your living spaces.

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Iron Joinery

We offer iron joinery solutions for your Door, Window, Railing, Stair Railing, Roof and Stair Door.

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Steel Door

We offer steel door manufacturing and assembly services. We produce and assemble the steel doors requested in our own manufacturing workshop.

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Wrought Iron

We carry out the manufacturing processes in all renovation works in our iron joinery and wrought iron workshop.

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If you want to keep the flies away from your dwellings, the various flapper models we produce will offer you the solution you are looking for.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Guaranteed Renovations


Our company Emir Building decoration renovation and Repair ' s service process offered to you to understand all the operation related to the renovation and we are explaining the process step by step to inform you about the process.


The dimensions of the space you want to renovate are taken and the M² is determined in accordance with your demands.


We will create our project together with quality materials that will be most appropriate, elegant and elegant to the place you want to renovate in line with the project you want.



By doing the necessary work related to your project, we offer the appropriate price for your budget and get approval.



With the approval of the proposal, we will make the contract that will protect your rights.



After the approval of the contract, we will begin the requested renovations with our expert team.



We will terminate the project that you have given your approval on the date that we have set for each other, and we will present it to your liking. We will make the changes you request where you see fit and deliver the project.



After you have submitted your renovation project, we will visit you with notice, ask if you are satisfied with the renovation, ask if you want a different change, we will make the change without charge.



The modifications you have made or will be made to our company are guaranteed by our company for 3 years. The guaranteed renovation service that you will not find in other companies is only in our company.

24/7 Support
You can contact us at our phone numbers and our WhatsApp line for all your renovations and repairs.

+90 542 841 17 87

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