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Our company Emir Building Decoration. Renovation, Repair and Structure Improvement Regarding Turkey and Abroad for more than 20 years in the construction and building sector, specialists Turnkey home with staff, Villa, Office, Hotel, Motel, construction, serves Repair and Improvement Service. Our company, which is planning to serve for many years in the Aegean region, offers Guaranteed and Reliable Service. 

Our company Emir Building Decoration. He believes that the future of a country will be formed by individuals who grow up in healthy living areas. We always focus carefully and carefully on the building industry to produce the best.

Aiming to offer a new lifestyle in all the projects we have realized; By blending experience, dynamism, innovation and technology, we build living spaces that will meet the exact needs of our customers. Because, as Emir Building Decoration, we are a brand that has marked the hundreds of projects developed not only with its quality and technology, but also with its economy and ease.

We always aim to offer the newest, the most advanced technology and the most suitable solution in the construction sector, which is our expertise within the framework of our corporate responsibility and citizenship awareness. Our company is always trying to offer the most affordable without compromising technology, quality and security. We achieved this goal with our successful projects. We promise to realize our new projects without giving up our standards and quality.

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You can contact us at our phone numbers and our WhatsApp line for all your renovations and repairs.

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