Kitchen Cabinet

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacture

As Emir Building decoration, we have been manufacturing kitchen cabinets for years. We produce the types of cabinets listed below with detailed information, in the colors and sizes you want. We are at your service with our professional teams for your requests.

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

Acrylic kitchen cabinets, usually used in built-in kitchens, are manufactured using double tape. Because it is not scratched due to its coating, it is frequently preferred by conscious consumers.

Lacquered Kitchen Cabinet

It is a type of kitchen cabinet obtained by applying bright or matte paint on Raw MDF according to demand. This type of cabinet, which is very stylish in kitchens with its pleasant and elegant appearance, can be used without problems for many years.

Membrane Kitchen Cabinet

Membrane kitchen products with plastic-based PVS coating for kitchen modules are recommended by the World Health Organization. Thanks to its PVS coating, it maintains its durability for many years.

Hayglass Kitchen Cabinet

Hayglass kitchen cabinets, which are obtained with quality PVS coating on RAW MDF, are the most preferred type of kitchen cabinets with the ability not to scratch, be bright and reflect light. The most important feature of this cabinet is that it is very easy to use and clean. Hayglass kitchen cabinets, produced with a special craftsmanship, give your kitchen a stylish appearance. This product, which is preferred because it does not hold handprints, allows you to save cleaning and time with this feature. We apply bright or matte colors to this product according to demand.

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